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    I am getting ready to set my LG tonight. I had my dh install a fan in it yesterday and calibrated my thermometer and hydrometer yesterday and the incubator has been running. I plan to set tonight but wanted to make sure I have my temps correct with the circulated air. I am running between 100.0 and 100.9. I have one red plug out and running around 42% humidity if I put both in it hit about 52 so I am leaving one plug out. I only have a little bit of water(less than half full) in one of the water channels. My question is what is the correct temp range for the circulated air? I ran my humidity high and my temp last hatch when it was still air and set 11 eggs and only 3 went into lock down, one quit, 2 pipped but one died during pipping with yolk coming out and the other died 2 days later with the some yolk still attached. I don't want to run into those same problems this time. .
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    If you have straight sided reservoirs, it is not the depth of the water but the surface area that controls humidity. You are not going to increase or reduce humidity by the depth of the water, just control how long it is before you have to refill. Surface area is what counts.

    For a forced air incubator, the recommended temperature is 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

    In a still air incubator, the temperature varies due to elevation since hot air rises. For those, you should have 101.5 degrees at the top of the eggs.

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