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    Jan 31, 2012
    For those not familiar with NYS laws, you must buy a minimum of 6 chicks. Wanting only 3-4 chickens, I found a friend of a friend who has chickens and was willing to take 2 off my hand. I would brood all 6 and then when they are ready to head outside, I would give 2 to the other person.

    The chicks are now 12 days old. I've started to see differences in their personalities, their strengths and weaknesses. All are, at this point, healthy.

    While I still want and need to give up two, I'm finding my mind debating on how to pick the two. Do I "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe"? Give the worst two? Best two?

    I'll end up with two barred rocks and two buff orps. They'll get 2 barred rocks.

    One barred loves to fly and flit from one side of the brooder to the other. One is very loud. Another falls asleep as soon as you start singing. One would scratch down to China if he could.

    I'm a guy but I feel like a surrogate mother not wanting to give up her child she gave birth too. To be fair to myself, the chickens, and the people who are helping, I need to give up two. I never expected it to be difficult. I was expecting 3-4 chickens laying eggs for the family.


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    Many, many people here will sympathize! They really do have personalities.

    Chick sexing is usually considered 90% accurate. Often it can be done with coloring on barred Rocks when they are very young. I'll give you a link about it. You might see if you can determine that they are all female (assuming you purchased sexed chicks.) It might be a matter of who deals with the roosters, or what will be done with them. If you can post pics in our What Breed or Gender is This? forum, you'll get some expert guesses, at least.

    Have fun!
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    If you have room for 4, you have room for 6, probably. Chances are good that you could lose 1 to illness, dog getting loose, hawk, raccoon, being a roo, etc. I lost 3 of my first batch of 38 over the first 6 months due to several of those issues. 6 chickens of those breeds may give you 21-32 eggs per week your 1st and best laying year, then it goes down. I love to share my eggs with neighbors and friends, so I vote for keeping them.
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    Thanks. that was an interesting read.

    I purchased all pullets and seeing the thread on sexing does make it seem I got all pullets.

    So there won't be any "you get the rooster"!

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