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Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by rvbbz92, Jan 11, 2012.

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    I ve been raising chickens for two years now and would like to get a trio of guineas. My wife is giving me the OK so its now or she may change her mind. I have two places to go. One is two hours away the other is 45min. The birds are the same age ( 6MO.) My problem is the closest ones have gone to roosting in the trees and not a coop. Is it worth the extra miles to get the ones that are still trained.
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    Get ear plugs! [​IMG] Just kidding, I like mine, but they are very noisy.

    I would go for the ones that have not been sleeping in trees, training them takes a lot of work, and they will probably fly up in your trees any second they get a chance.

    The trained ones will need some work and retraining, but they'll be more apt to come in at night and let you close them in. You will want to keep ANY guineas you get closed up for a long time before you let them range.
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    coop them up for about six weeks if you can before allowing them to free range then only let them free range with supervision. No matter where you get them. Then feed a treat to get them to come back in. Guineas love white millet black oil sunflower seeds even wild bird seed. Holler for them or make a nose or click or what ever you want while you are feeding them treats.... even if you are standing right there feeding the treats. What that does is make them associate your cue to come get treats. feed ONLY in the coop. Then when you want them to come in just call them I use Treat Treat treat... and feed them in the coop/run. make sure you do that before every one decides its bed time.

    You will do fine.....


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