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Getting Started Breeding and Improving Breeding Chickens Directory

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Ramblin Rooster, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Ramblin Rooster

    Ramblin Rooster Hatchaholic

    Apr 14, 2012
    Fairfield, Connecticut
    I've spent a lot of time learning about how to breed chickens [​IMG]. Here's a table of contents for all the posts I've found helpful, as well as some notes that sum them up. I have not done any of these, I am simply stating what I've learned for others benefit and for those informed to correct any information they think is incorrect. If you see anything that you don't think is right, TELL ME! I want to put together a collection of info, so don't be shy! [​IMG]

    Breeding Chickens
    -Breeding Pens
    Used to separate different lines, colors, and ages. Separate different breeds and lines so that they stay pure and not inbred.


    -Breeding Genetics & Making breeding groups
    For good Fertility, 1 Large fowl rooster to 10 large fowl hens, 1 bantam rooster to 18 bantam hens. Take ones from each line with weaknesses and breed them with ones that don't have that weakness. If they have too many weaknesses, cull them. Here's a diagram I made from what I've read from other threads. When breeding, refer to the standard of perfection for that breed, which can help you to identify weaknesses.


    -Breeding Stock
    Try to buy the best stock you can afford, as it will save you all the years they're been breeding it already, and will make yours better if you're adding to your existing breeding groups. Make sure they are purebred and not overly inbred, or it can lead to problems, and possibly ruin existing breeding stock. You can buy breeding stock here on BYC, from craigslist, or from breeders' websites.

    This is all I have gathered so far, more information would be appreciated, and I can add it right up here. I'm trying to clarify this information for myself, and for others looking to start or improve breeding, without having to read 1000 different threads. This is a summary of the information, and links can be suggested too!

    If you know a lot about breeding and would like to be a contact for those who have questions, please let me know so I can ask you some questions, and so I can add you below to the list of "Breeding Mentors".

    Breeding Mentors
    None so far :(

    Thanks to those who contributed and good luck on your endeavor for those who are starting.
    Ramblin Rooster [​IMG]

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