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    May 14, 2008
    Well my Hovabator arrived in the mail. I've cleaned the top (carefully), bottom, egg turner pieces, etc with mild dish detergent and bleach solution, then rinsed. They are air drying now. Eggs are in the mail. Then I'll have to put my egg turner back together (LOL) and get everything in place and get it up to temp, adjust to 100 degrees and await the eggs. It says put the eggs in the holders small ends down. To me that means the smaller elongated end down- the fat end up so to speak- Correct? Thanks. Ho boy here goes nothin! PS: Yes I should have checked it to see if it all works before cleaning, but didn't, will do so directly after drying though- worse comes to worse I'll buy another and have two- and a lesson will be learned. Keystonepaul.
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    the fat end up so to speak- Correct?


    Sounds like you got it. Take a deep breath and relax.

    Good luck.​
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    So which Hova did you get?

    And, FYI, the eggs should be kept in that orientation ALL THE TIME. Even if you take them out of the 'bator (for example to candle them), keep the more rounded end up. I share this tidbit with you because I learned it after I had done otherwise when candling....oops. Anyway, the air cell is in that fat end, and it needs to stay oriented UP.


    Oh yeah, David's right: Breathe !!!!

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