Getting started with mealworms


6 Years
Aug 9, 2013
I have 35-40 chickens & have to keep them in a chicken yard due to predators, so I'm always looking for "natural" things to feed them. Neighbors laugh at me when they see me with my wheel barrow & muck rake going around the pasture scooping horse poop for them. What can I say? I love my girls! I want to get started with mealworms, but I'm not sure how many to order & what size container to use. The info I've read so far are from individuals that have a lot fewer chickens than me. So, I need answers to:
1. How many worms to start off with
2. What size container to use since I have so many chickens ( I read a very good article that recommended a 10x17x6 container)
3. How frequently should I give my girls worms once the "colony" starts to reproduce?
Any help would be deeply appreciated!

Here's a very good article on mealworm farming:

and a long discussion on the topic:

I'm sure between these 2 you'll get all your questions answered :) Enjoy the site!

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