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Mar 2, 2011
our family is embarking on the new world of raising chickens. our 9 year old daughter has joined the local 4H and our 7 year old son is a clover kid. because our children are still small we want to start with a few docile bantam chicks. easier to handle for now. i have been visiting byc for a while now and have read many helpful postings so now we are underway with the coop construction. as excited as we are we would love some feedback on which bantam breeds you would recommend for beginners
I don't raise bantams. Have a few but they are Heinz 57. I have a friend who has silkies and they tend to be pretty docile and are very cute for kids. They love all the soft fluffiness of them. Heck as adults we like it too!!! Frizzles are a nice looking bird and might be a good one to show. That's all the help I can give but I know others on here will have great suggestions. Mostly just wanted to say Welcome to the forum!
from Ohio. So glad you joined. My DD's have shown many poulty projects but the bantam cochin were the favorites. Tell the kids good luck. They have joined a wonderfull organization.
Is there a local poultry club near you? You can continue to browse around BYC and i bet you'll find shows in your area. 4-H is another thing to consider for your kids..
If there's a will there's way and to get your kids involved with agri/animals is the best thing this country has to help keep it going..

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