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still looking for the best bantam choice for my young 4H children. we live at 7000 ft. with an average temp of 25-35 degrees in the winter months. we are converting our 4 X 6 greenhouse into the coop using insulated foam board and siding. i know we need to keep the chicks in a brooder for a while before they are able to live in the coop. so my questions are... what breed would be best for our conditions? (preferably bantam because the kids will show them and they are only 9 and 7) and how long should the chicks stay in the brooder?

i don't even have chicks yet and i am already a nut. we are a very excited family who knows nothing. any and all advice would be helpful.
I do not have any bantams yet but hope to get some soon. I've have considered old english game as I have noticed they are shown often.
from Indiana!

I'm thinking maybe bantam cochins,wyandottes or another cold hardy breed. But aslong as you have a draft free place I'm sure you could get any that you wanted. Just do research and see which breed fancies you and your kids

welcome to the gang!!

I haven't had bantams since I was a little girl and my papa gave me 2. I have to say I never got over my dad thinking I had to give them away cause he didn't want to chase them when they jumped out of their they were little with big box to jump out of. So that is part of how I got into chickens as an adult when I got an enabling DH. I have to say my favorite is buff orphingtons but in your climate I'm not sure what is best...I suggest reading alot of posts and keep asking around someone will have some information for you. I never go by age on when to take my chicks out of the brooder I go by their size, the weather and how well they ate. Good luck and I look forward to pics of the kids with their chicks.

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