Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

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    welcome! and thanks
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    Jan 9, 2013
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    I found that since I had ordered 2 assortment packages from the hatchery somebody there has a great formula for chicken math. Here's what they sent:

    1 pair Buff Orp
    1 pair White Cochin
    1 pair Silver laced Wyandotte
    4 Dark Cornish Pullets 1 Cock
    4 Red Sex Link Pullets, 1 Cock
    2 EE Cocks
    2 Black Pullets, could be Jersey Giants, Austrolopes, or black sex links
    1 unknown Pullet
    4 Barred Rock Pullets 1 is a mix (posable Cuckoo x Leghorn?), 4 Cocks (besides the 5 pullets 1 cock I ordered)
    4 Rhode Island Red Pullets, 1 Cock (which I ordered)

    So I can't have JUST a pair, what if I loose one to a predator or illness.... Gotta make more of em, Call it an insurance policy, so 2=6 x 3 pairs.[​IMG]
    They send me 2 EE Cocks, no hens for the boys, so 2 roo's 4 hens each, need 8 EE hens for the boys for entertainment.
    I get Dark Cornish, A breed that takes up to 2 years to fully mature....[​IMG]We will call them Research and development....
    OOOOHHHH and don't forget the enablers at (has to be a link in the app) Once you see all the different colored eggs [​IMG] you now need 4 of each blue layers (Ancaunu and Cream Legbars) and a Roo and lets not forget the Marans (so hard to just pick one of the Marans)... And now I see Quail eggs, Speckled non the less,,,, I need a few of those as well
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    Nov 12, 2012
    Sin, MX. now CA.
    WOW.[​IMG][​IMG] I burned my eyes reading the entire thread[​IMG] it took me from yesterday and today. Thanks for letting us to know all your adventures, journeys and experiences.
    I saw you wrote a lot of spanish words(Castellan for me)[​IMG] at different posts and I have a question: Who is Mrs. Oz?[​IMG] Pardon my English is no as good as yours.[​IMG]
    And now I'm subscribed[​IMG]
    Dios te bendiga.

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    bienvenido Francisco!

    Sra. Oz es mi esposa. Ella nació en Filipinas, pero nos casamos en EE.UU.. Ella ha regresado a Filipinas para adoptar a nuestros hijos.

    Mi Espanol es malo. Lo ciento.
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    Nov 12, 2012
    Sin, MX. now CA.
    JAJAJA. Thanks I'll be here watching your thread. Maybe Rosetta Stone will help me.
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    great rationalizing.

    i added 12 dark cornish to my collection also. i would like to try them. If I get an extra roo from the hatch, I will put him over one or two of my locals to see what happens. I cant count research chickens either.

    My list has finally come together
    My confirmed finalized list
    Buff Orps
    BBS Orps
    Lemon Cuckoo Orps
    Barred Rocks
    Silver Penciled Rocks
    White Jersey Giants
    Crem Legbar
    Dark Cornish
    Pekin Ducks
    The empasis is good dual purpose heritage lines.
    Now I just have to round them up.

    My next trip (tentative)
    Brittish Orps
    White Crested Black Polish
    Swedish Flower Hens
    Guinea Fowl
    Pea Fowl
    Tolouse or Emben Geese
    Ruoen Ducks
    Black Giant Jersies
    Emphasis will be pretty birds and exotics.

    that should be enough lol
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  7. ozexpat

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    or google translate [​IMG]
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    May 27, 2012
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    Oz. What color of Dorkings are you taking? Just curious.
  9. Pancholoco

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    Nov 12, 2012
    Sin, MX. now CA.
    I'm from La Cruz, Sinaloa. And yes, it is. Aunque tiene demasiado narcotráfico sigue siendo un estado hermoso sobre todo Ceuta, Celestino Gazca, Mazatlan y Topolobampo. I miss my town.
    I have plans to visit it this year(FOR X-MAS), if not I'll be there next SEMANA SANTA to the beach se ha dicho. JEJEJE
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    Oct 24, 2012
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    Yo soy de Zacatecas y mi esposo de Michoacan :) welcome!! We have lots of fun with Oz and his international flock.

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