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    The thatched roof does not work with gutters but the small out buildings nearby are amenable to water collection. I have the nipples. I just need the time...
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    ozexpat CocoBeach Farm

    the poop and rice husk litter go out monthly and broadcast over the property. the wet season will rot it down fast.
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    I am just catching up. The Philippine Cell Phone company had internal issues and i could not register a data plan. i usurped wifi where i could but I am back in the USA now.
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    your eggs were perfect Pig
    about 40 eggs did not make it onto the plane because of damage - 20 quail, a whole order that smashed and stunk by the time usps delivered and half those in the white foam designed for bantams,

    On arrival I had two dented goose eggs, more beat up quail and then a few outer eggs. All told I set about 265 chicken eggs 24 guinea fowl, 78 quail, 20 geese 15 muscovy 13 peafowl 36 turkey. 451 eggs in total.

    The temp this morning is 100.4 humidity 40%

    The 23 plate truck battery is on a trickle charger standing by.

    Bernie opens the bator lowers or raises the egg see-saw 45 degrees either way then turns the goose eggs 3 times a day. He empties the dehumidifier twice a day. It pulls 6-10 oz of water out of the air inside the bator each day. Ambient humidity is 88% without the dehumidifier its 60% inside.
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    A 50% hatch will be an over the top success. A few breeding pairs of each type of chicken and other fowl would be awesome.

    as he has to manually turn the goose eggs, he uses a pin to set the next angle on the see-saw.

    the hatch is one week in. in 11 days we should have life in the form of White Texas A&M Coturnix.
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    Black Australorp
    Bresse - Black
    Jersey Giants - Black
    Marans - Black Copper
    Orpington - BBS
    Orpington - Lavender
    Orpington - Piglets buff
    Plymouth rocks - barred
    Polish - Blue
    Rhode Island Reds
    Sebright - Golden
    Blue Andalusians
    Kevs Surprise
    OGMs Mystery
    Guinea Fowl - white
    Goose - African
    Goose - Sebastapool
    Goose - Chinese
    Goose - Tolouse
    Goose - Embden
    Turkey - chocolate
    Turkey - royal palm
    Turkey - Red Bourbon
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    to complete my list

    New Hampshire Red
    Plymouth Rock - White

    Plymouth Rock - Silver Pencilled
    Wyandotte Silver Laced
    Naked Neck-turken

    Sussex - Light
    Cochin Giant
    Marans - Cuckoo
    Polish - White Crested Black
    Brahma - Light
    Brahma - Buff
    Orpington - Brittish
    Crème Legbar
    Ducks - Pekin
    Ducks - Roen
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    Feb 22, 2012
    we will have to see how many hatch out this time
    don't let those ants at "my" peeps
    i'll have to fly over there & fix those ants rite up[​IMG]

    we have a dozen muscovy duck eggs in the bator rite now
    the french chicks didn't make it :(
    our last hatch was only 60%
    most times we get between 80 to 100%

    i hope the fact that it is getting warm around here isn't going to screw up my hatches for the rest of the season

    glad to hear that your drive worked out well & the gators didn't get you

    off to work
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    Dec 18, 2012
    Los Angeles, California
    Back on BYC, is not our friend out here!! Been rough last few days...but my friends fared well even having to be evacuated.

    Very Nice! how did the bantam cochin and BA's do? I will have more of all for you. just give me a heads up when to start collecting eggs for your next trip. I will hopefully have some seperate pens for the creme legbars and salmon favs, though the sf are having a rough time of it with the heat. just hatched 4 more blues so...I'm thinking I will let the blues have the pen and coop the CLs and SFs. I will be breeding my white rocks to a dark cornish roo, so I will put aside some eggs from them for you as well. Other than that, I'll be happy to start collecting eggs from all my layers hopefully next month. Should have them ready for your labor day trip.

    was taking a pic of the new babies when I noticed this on the photo...I miss her everyday!
    She was an amazing person & the best Mom ever!
  10. ozexpat

    ozexpat CocoBeach Farm

    More Bresse coming your way. You need to get those Froggy eggs hatched raised and bred. I want the children.

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