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    When I started work as a brick mason's laborer at 15, the guy that started with me was a bit slow.

    The boss sent him off at lunchtime with instructions to go and find a few pounds of elbow grease and not come back until he did.

    I had to work on my own for the rest of the week.
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    Groan* LOL!
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    There are 6.9 billion people in the world. 320 million use pounds. SO you should be saying - for those who live on planet earth 3KG and on the isolated region of the western hemisphere 5lb.

    Less than 5% of the world population uses a pound or a mile in daily language.
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    someone had to do it!!
  5. ozexpat

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    Thanks for saying Hi.

    I remember you stopping by and I see your name in the lurkers section regualarly.

    I have a good local SoCal supplier of Peacock, but thank you. I need to remove as many variables as possible from the hatch as I can. Once I establish the breed and understand the hatching idiosyncrasies of peafowl, I will step into the world of shipped eggs.

    Enjoy your catching up. You are more than half way at page 147!!
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    Yup, metric system is more easier than standard. I like it. If you're a constructor (Architect) you need to convert all your standard measures to metric and then back to standard to get exactly measures.

    Pardon I'm learning English
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    Feb 22, 2012
    i think they use pounds in England too but only in money [​IMG]
  9. ozexpat

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    Day 23 is winding down

    The humidity is finally below 45% now the tropical depression has moved away. It may help the hatch rates for the next series of madness.

    Bernie is back to routine. The wet season makes grass cutting a huge job.
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