Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ozexpat, Dec 25, 2012.

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    I would settle for a hen that lays hahahaha

    Are the final stats in mate?
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    Feb 22, 2012
    LOL [​IMG]

    hey OZ what should you start calling the Philippine American cross breed chickens?

    just finishing up hatching out a batch (about 30) of buff orpingtons
    still have a few pippers & zippers
    it looks like an 70% or better hatch out
    it turns out my thermometer/hygrometers from a well known company are "boysit" (i'm guessing you learned that word from the locals in the province OZ) [​IMG]
    they are only a couple months old & are plain worthless
    i thought i could calibrate them.....nope
    their temp will not go down to 32f
    & now two of the three have a constant reading of 10% humidity :(
    i put my old standby internal unit that came with my 1st bator in my hatcher
    now we are back to quality hatch numbers
    i'll see if i can return this junk & research a couple better units
    i guess i'll have to pay more than $20 each for something that works :)

    i have 2 broody orps in the coop
    i think i'll take 1/2 of my duck eggs & put under one of them
    & put 1/2 of my french eggs up under the other
    working on finishing up a large broody cage to keep the setting girls safe from the rest of the flock
    (it's a large rabbit hutch)
    no point in getting the eggs stepped on my other hens
    who wish to use the already "inuse" nest boxes.

    OZ we need pictures of the new chicks
    also what is your exact wheels up date out of California?
    i'll be sending another you batch Mate

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    Apr 10, 2013
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    Ok, I'll bite. What?!
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    you have to ask in a complete sentence whats a .....
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    Apr 10, 2013
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    What's a henway?
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    Feb 22, 2012
    about five pounds [​IMG]

    or for you folks on the south end of the planet "about 3 kilos"
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    Jun 1, 2013
    Ok, so I'm reading through this thread still. A little bit every night on my kindle while hubby snoozes. I started in early june, the night of our first external pip from our first set of hatching eggs. Silly me, i had expected that pipped egg to hatch reasonably fast and was reading to pass the time. I believe I have already said hello, but now that im on page 147, I thought I'd stop by again to say hello and to let Oz know....

    I have a mennonite neighbor with peacocks and I imagine he'd not mind selling you some eggs. He has white ones, regular ones (green i think) and some mixed ones.

    We are, however, in upstate NY, so they'd have to be shipped, plus I'm not sure if they are still laying. I think their season is short. But honestly i really have no clue. We are brand new to this whole bird business.

    Let me know if you want any and I'll ask if his eggs are spoken for.

    Back to catching up!

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