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    Yes we do its all the "regulations" we have to follow. Again if the at the end you pay 60 cents a piece who ever is making it is making a profit selling it for 1 cent a piece. These are injection molded probably with vacuum assist. Inexpensive tooling ..... Probably at the rate of several thousand an hour. per injection mold machine.

    I designed molds for both processes here in the US. Once the molds were set up they went to production houses. Any job that required manufacturing more than 10000 per year went overseas. Where the labor is cheap and they have no "regulations" they have to adhere to.

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    those egg cartons on alibaba are cheap. now if i just had 500000 dozen eggs to sell

    the purple flat above sells for 3 bucks here. maybe i could bring a hundred back and sell them on ebay
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    I went through those prices, pretty tempting actually.

    $500 outlay for 500,000 units. I am pretty sure I could sell those and make a tidy profit..."Hmmm now do I want to risk $500 to china?" hahahaha.
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    I would. I routinely buy direct using alibaba. its a small investment - go for it!!
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    After almost losing it at 2:30 am - our dear Bernie has a habit of letting me know we run out of supplies as we run out rather than a few days before. 50 bags od cement and 170 lengths of rebar on their way - I awoke to a txt message saying the G1 marked eggs are pipping.

    G1 = guinea fowl group 1. they are 4 days early and 14 of 28 are pipped within 3 hrs of each other. No sign of the G2 pipping but on candling there are 12 viable G2. It amazes me how this can happen with a breed from one supplier while the others are normal times.
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    ....I heard on NPR yesterday about the dreadful air and water pollution problems in China making people sick.
    It comes from unregulated manufacturing.....
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    greed has that effect. THE USA was on a similar path a few decades ago

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