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    yup. i have black orps, jersey giants and marans.
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    Added to our quail, we have hatched 150. We may hit 200 with the rest of the menagerie.

    I agree Phage. Every egg that hatches is a miracle.

    At 2am I got a text from Bernie suggesting ostrich.
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    Originally Posted by piglett

    Originally Posted by ozexpat

    The good news is you can sex Cream Legbars by color. I have all yellow/brown with no chipmunk striping. That means all roos.

    i have a silkie hen that throws chipmunk stripped babies
    she can also throw white babies which could be either sex
    i think she is mixed with a little cochin but she sure loves to brood eggs


    That is because the white in silkies is recessive (unlike with leghorns where the white is dominant) and she carries at least one partridge gene.

    The white cream legbars can also carry recessive white but the chipmunk chicks are striped due to different genes

    sorry messed up the quote thang :rolleyes:
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    How about Emu first?
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    That was my response!

    I added that he would have to come to Manila, meet me at the airport and then hand carry the eggs back to our farm on a ferry as I would hand carry the eggs from LAX to MNL, I explained that he would have to hand turn the eggs in a separate incubator at one degree lower for 56 days.

    He was fine with it.

    Mrs Oz says I've created a monster. lol
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    Finally made it through all 3662 posts! Oz, thanks so much for letting us all live this adventure with you!

    Sending positive vibes your way for all your hatching projects and the adoptions!

    I am heading back to lurker mode but rest assured that I will be following along. [​IMG]
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    Me too! [​IMG]
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  10. ozexpat

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    you lurkers need to tell us about yourselves before sliding back into the bushes.

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