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    Aug 10, 2013

    Or we do depending on how its cook and how it taste [​IMG], Got five of them in the fridge "resting" before cooking one up tomorrow and putting the rest in the freezer
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    Can do! I am from Arkansas and I just got into ducks this past year. Right now I have 6 mallards, 2 Pekins, 4 Swedish (1 black, 3 blues), 4 khaki Campbell's, 2 buffs, 1 Cayuga male (who I am looking for some ladies for), 6 welsh harlequin babies (who's numbers when dwindle once I sex them), and a few lone females that I keep to help keep the boys behaving. I also have 2 Saxony and 1 Silver Appleyard babies that are the result of my own failed hatching attempt (they were the only 3 successful of 28 shipped eggs that I attempted to hatch--only 9 even made it to lockdown). Oh and I almost forgot 4 geese. No chickens yet! [​IMG]

    Oz - while reading through you story I couldn't help but think about my time in the Peace Corps (I served in Senegal from 2010-2012). Have you thought at all about training sessions for locals or possible a school program because those would be excellent projects to partner with Peace Corps on? In Senegal we had health, education, agriculture, and business volunteers and your project could be tied to all of those in a variety of ways. Just checked and the Philippines has 223 volunteers serving currently in education, youth development, and coastal resource management. Just a thought!
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    I had not really spent time looking at NGOs yet but it is an awesome idea. Peace Corps are great.

    I would love to talk to you about it.
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    May 30, 2013
    Crossett, Arkansas

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    A discussion about fences and trespasses came up in "the old folks home" thread. I mentioned a weapons charge I was given and scottcaddy wondered why I had no brought it up before.

    So here is a repost of the story I posted in TOFH thread

    The weapons charge story.

    Once upon a time (2009) we moved to the Philippines. We gave up our jobs and had a thirty year old beach house that had not been lived in for fifteen years basically rebuilt.

    We originally bought a hectare of a 3.7 hectare lot owned by my father in law. The fence was essentially non-existent and as the only ice plant for 100 miles was across the road from our place, all the fishing boats would pull in on the beach in front of the house and walk through the land to buy ice. Additionally our place was the entrance to my father's "day use resort". At that time it was nothing more than an oversized trash pit. There was also a hand well pump that locals would use to rinse off after swimming on the beach. Basically there was a free for all. We cleared about 3 shipping containers of trash up and fired the caretaker.

    My wife was rather nervous about being there on her own and also worried about the potential threat to me as the only white boy in the area. As we were building our garage, the welder was left inside to make the steel doors the following day. When we went to start work the next morning, the welder was gone. The hog wire fence was cut and the welder was carried to the beach and loaded on a fishing boat.

    Going back a little further, the mid-eighties was a tumultuous time in Negros. The price of sugar was at an all time high and hacienderos like my father in law were making buckets of money. The disparity between rich and poor was at a height never seen before (nor again). My wife as an educational experience when doing her political science degree spent time with communist rebels and had learnt to break down AK47s. Her father had a 45 cal 400lb Gatling Gun mounted on his water tower to defend against those rebels. She was also in the university gun club.

    Knowing her way around firearms, Mrz Oz decided to buy a pump action shotgun. She held the license for the gun as I cannot own a gun as a foreigner.

    Sometime around July, once all our fences were in place, trespassing on our place had all but stopped. The same did not apply next door. A typhoon had come pretty close and we had strong winds all night. On the Saturday morning, several of the little huts and the roof of a large shed had come down on our father in law's place. The looting started. There were at least 50 people on the lot picking up whatever they could carry.

    Mrs Oz was livid. The locals knew better. They knew they were stealing. She asked me to get the shotgun which I did. We then proceeded to put three rounds into the base of a coconut tree a few feet from our patio and started yelling at the thieves. Most dropped their haul and ran. There were a few that persisted until a second volley was launched at the tree no more than 20 feet from us. The determined looters decided that they would not risk it, dropped the stuff and took off up the beach.

    About 20 minutes later our previous Bernie came to the house to tell us the Philippine National Police (PNP) were at our gate. I said to show them in but they insisted we go to the gate. I was pleased that we would be able to tell them of all the looters. Instead we had about 20 PNP officers with military rifles pointed at me. We were informed that that somebody complained that I was shooting at them as innocent people strolling along the beach. I suggested that the police come and see the fresh holes in the tree and asked how many fresh holes there were in the people lodging the complaint.

    By this time, enough people had gathered to see the "standoff" that the highway was shut down. It was a circus. I took the opportunity to ask loudly if it is true that we can shoot trespassers. The PNP officer in charge said yes. The gossip relaying the conversation was becoming more intense. So I repeated it asking that if we have a trespasser and kill them, we should call the police and have them come pick up the body. The cop again said yes. The chatter among the crowd was fever pitch. The police said that the complaint was at a local barangay (village) level and that the Tunod (local village sheriff) would take care of it. They said I should go to the Barangay hall later in the week and sort it out.

    On the Monday there was another visitor. The Barangay secretary presented me with a summons for unlawful discharge of a weapon. This looked serious.

    I called a lawyer. He said it was serious.

    The lawyer told me that he cannot attend barangay level complaints but we should do whatever it takes to stop the charge from escalating to a criminal complaint. As a white boy I would become a nice news headline example of the police being tough on guns. I could also face up to 21 years in prison. He suggested a nice "apology payment" to the plaintiffs, the barangay captain and the tunod. My mind was in a spin.

    I plotted a strategy in my head. I told my wife that her job was to just translate what I would say and the responses.

    When we arrived that the barangay hall, we sat down and the barangay captain explained the proceedings. The plaintiffs would explain why they made a complaint and then we would have the opportunity to counter. She also said that the goal was to work out some sort of equitable arrangement that day (translated to how much I was going to pay)

    The plaintiff told how they were just walking along the beach and someone began shooting at them. They said that they were very scared.

    I asked them if they were the people stealing.

    Of course not.

    I asked if they saw people looting.

    They said they did and it was shameful.

    I asked them if they new it was law that a Filipino could defend his property with lethal force.

    They said they did.

    I asked them to show me the holes from the shotgun.

    No answer.

    I told them that the shotgun was fired at a tree in front of us. I explained my wife's gun experience and asked if they thought she would have missed at the distance they said they were away from our patio.

    I then apologized that the act of protecting our property scared them. I asked the barangay captain to enforce the laws and stop looters. I suggested that she should also educate the locals who had not heard (that would be zero) that Mrs Oz had a shotgun and she was not afraid to use it.


    Mrs Oz fetches her own shot gun these days - not that we have ever needed it. Five rounds into a tree created a legend.
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    Oh Oz you are cracking me up/ Good on Mrs Oz tho.

    After I shot a rattlesnake about 8 feet from my back door a few years ago I got some family teasing.... 'oh Annie, get your gun..." and such. Funny thing, I'm a good shot with my rifle and fair at close range with a hand gun; haven't shot a shotgun in years and years. When I was single for awhile my best friend and I were at the local bar one night and this guy just came and sat down at our table without a by your leave or anything. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and so did my friend's. The guy was seriously creeping us out tho we couldn't put our fingers on just _why_. So he wants to know where I live and I told him
    "The last house on a dead end dirt road" (of course literally hundreds of those in the neighborhood)
    "Oh, so do you have a gun? Women alone ought to have a gun.... a shotgun.... women aren't too good with hand guns, they get nervous...."
    "I have a .22 long rifle, semi automatic"
    "Oh no you need a shotgun, you might get nervous...." I cut him off, picked up his beer can off the table and clunked it down a little closer to him.
    "I can put 18 shells in a beer can, what makes you think I can't hit something the size of you?"

    He didn't say another word, got up and left.....
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    Love It!
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    Thanks OZ, It would work around here also!

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    Just had to share this.. I figured y'all would enjoy it:
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    i did!!

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