Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

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    Dec 15, 2012
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    Moved out west and drew for my first elk tag. Dear hubby insisted we go sight in the riffle. "yes dear; smart", I agreed. He emphasized basic gun safety ("yes dear") set me up with a fist sized rock on top of rocks the size of watermelons. "I'll mark you off at 100 yards, and spot your shots. Just aim for the big rocks. If you hit the dirt I'll see it and can tell you how to adjust." ("Yes dear")

    Blew the first fist sized rock 40 straight up in the air. "How 'bout I try at 200?" Guess who said yes dear then? Sighted in at 300 yards within 4 shots.

    Later took my elk at 225 with a single shot clean through the heart.

    He knows I grew up with guns, but he can't help himself.
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  2. ozexpat

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    all these scary women.
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    Jan 14, 2013
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    Agreed.. [​IMG]

    I'm learning to be a good American woman. Yet to shoot a gun though, but you know how that is, you have similar issues in the Phillipines (as we read in your story). The US doesn't like immigrants with guns either [​IMG]
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    Dec 15, 2012
    Northern New Mexico
    Ha ha. Scary until something needs to be done and then what a great helpmeet and compliment we are in our confidence and self sufficiency.

    I know you feel that way about Ms. Oz. I can see you glow every time you talk about her.
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    Indeed. I know a few Canadians that became us passport holders so they could tote a gun here.

    Guineas should hatch today or tomorrow.

    Pictures are heading to the city for uploading today.
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    Loved the Merc video...what a crack up.

    'Where did I put my chicken?"
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    I was chatting with Mrs Oz today and I was reminded of her adventurous nature.

    This has nothing to do with chickens but a lot to do with us.

    It has a bit of fluff from the people selling DVD at the beginning so skip to the 2 minute mark.


    The 420 feet high Victoria Falls Bridge crosses the Zambezi River just below the Victoria Falls and is built over the Second Gorge of the falls. As the river is the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, the bridge links the two countries and has border posts on the approaches to both ends. Its one of two locations in the world where we have walked from one country to another.
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    You Have a KEEPER !!

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    no sissys around here. My grand parents gave my mother a little 9 shot pearl handled revolver as a HS graduation gift. She was a 'Marksman" Every year through HS in the rifle club. Wish I had that gun but she traded it in on hogleg.
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    Well, if we're bragging here...... When I was a Correctional Officer in the early '70s, at the so-called "Academy." the perception of the Range Master was "these girls can't shoot for [feces]." We had to qualify with the mini-14. There were four women and 23 men in our class.

    We had to wait for the instructors to come to our places on the firing line after our first pattern of three single shots. I was the fourth woman and therefore the last one in the class; his expression was resigned. Each woman before me had required several minutes of instruction. He looked over at my target with its tight pattern, then back at me. "Have you fired before?"

    "Not this weapon."

    He asked me to show my stance, which I did. The male classmates on either side of me had already spent some time admiring my target, so they also watched this demonstration with interest. The instructor nodded at me and moved on to the guy next to me on the firing line. "Don't p*i*s*s <I>her</I> off, she shoots low."

    Yeah, but still in the kill zone. :p
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