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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ozexpat, Dec 25, 2012.

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    My chickens don't plot.. they have heard of "freezer camp"

    Plus my husband is known as "Doombringer" to them.. you should see their reaction when he gets near the coops.. they all get very very quiet...... huddle together with a look out... and give me the "look' (which translates into.. "is today THE day?"

    Lol.. they know by now that when he's out by the coops.. their numbers will dwindle!
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    I am overwhelmed by the well wishers and support I have received with my adventure. 500 posts in here - and lots of them aren't just me talking to myself!

    There are over 8200 views so there are a lot more lurkers out there. I see lots of guests viewing - GUESTS don't be shy, join up and have your say!!

    Thank you

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    500 posts! Well... now 502. WooHooooo!
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    Love the story and your adventures. Just wanted to say hi and I'm a subscriber to your thread.
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    Tonight I started an experiment on shipped eggs. I want to understand the impact on eggs from shipping, so in between my travels across the big pond, I will attempt to incubate a few batches of shipped and local eggs.

    I have developed a hypothesis: The eggs orientation during shipping has a direct correlation on hatchability. I theorize that you will do better with eggs shipped big end up rather than on their side.

    I ordered a dozen Delaware eggs from the south via ebay. They arrived amazingly well packed but on their side. 14 eggs came. The eggs are porous and difficult to candle but I have 3 wobbly and one rolling air sack. A fifth egg has the air sack in 3 pieces. They are incubating in an egg carton for now, time will tell.

    To continue my experiment I will find someone I can get eggs shipped from who will ship them big end up.
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    I have found position during shipping has little to no effect on hatchability, mainly due to the fact that boxes DO NOT remain right side up during shipping regardless of how they are marked. I have watched my mailman flip boxes clearly marked "this side up" sideways & even upside down & even dropping 1 of them onto the road next to his truck to stack a 2nd box of eggs just as unceremoniously on top of it, also on it's side. I can just imagine their treatment when I'm NOT standing there watching. [​IMG][​IMG]
    What has the greatest effect on hatchability is packing. LOTS of padding is required to get eggs from point A to point B successfully. They can even be placed entirely upside down as long as they have enough padding to absorb the shocks of being dropped & tumbled by USPS.
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    That reminds me, I want to specifically ASK for eggs to be shipped to me pointed end down!

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