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  1. Loose air cells are no biggie.. it's the scrambled egg yolk you have to worry about

    I've had eggs arrived with tons of broken bubbly air cells (where you could see the air cell was nothing but bubbles) and they hatched just fine since as incubation progresses they do finally stabilize.

    Yup.. and it seems with some postal hubs if you have the box marked "FRAGILE" it's an invitation to play soccer with it.
  2. [​IMG]


    I think those speak for themselves...
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    Did anyone else do the egg experiment in High school? We had to pack an egg in whatever way we could that would keep it from breaking at different heights. Maybe we need to experiment with hatching eggs in the same way, except pack them to be treated like Samsonite luggage being handled by a gorilla!
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    Wow, just found this thread today, cant stop reading. We have the same day job! sometimes it interferes with our important hobbies though! I work in a cardiac catheterization lab in Iowa, Where do you work??? Sorry Back to chicks! So excited for you!
  5. Lol.. i remember a commercial for Samsonite with a gorilla and eggs.... [​IMG]
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    welcome aboard joyous!

    I work in Anaheim. Very close to the happiest place on earth.

    I am the poo bah these days so I am not on call. I report to the CEO - probably one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Its a great job!!
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    oh well.

    I am doing it because My eggs travel for 30 hours.I attempted to hatch 18 eggs from my control group in the Philippines. in LA I put 18 in lock down. In Phils i put 14 in and got 12 out - probably should have only put the 12 in to start with as the others were definite possible hopefuls at best that looked underdeveloped .

    The eggs were a max of 6 days old when set. So why to I have 18 develop one hatch and 12 the next? Probably the travel.
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    If you keep posting I'll keep lurking!!!!!
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    Dont think I have not seen you here! I am glad you said hi. Thanks. I will keep posting
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    Mrs Oz may take a drive to the chicken ranch today - if the weather improves as its been blustering tropical rains for a few days. Our pregnant goat is no longer pregnant. She gave birth to a billy boy yesterday. Too bad its a boy - on the good side I get goat curry.

    Hopefully chick and goat pics to follow.

    If I was able to live in the Philippines full time I would work on goats next. When we first tormented with the Idea of adopting and living there, I decided that a goat dairy and cheese production could be fun. When I got to the Philippines I found the goats to be minature at best. There have since been some successful breeding programs in Northern Luzon island but those goats are a long way from me.

    So if I start an artificial insemination program for goats - look out for my "Getting the sperm out of here thread" [​IMG]
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