Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

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  2. ozexpat

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    Well not because the neighbors will nab them - they just eat my chickens. Filipinos have an amazing community sense when it comes to caring for kids.

    The nannies are the chasers. I am too knocked around to be chasing toddlers. The kids have pretty much a free reign - just need to make sure they don't come head to head with a territorial Roo or Tom.
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    Oz, are you going to keep any of the local chickens? Tried and true genetics for survival in the tropics. They may be useful for cross breeding if some of your Merkan chickens don't adapt well to the heat and humidity.
  4. ozexpat

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    Yes I am. I have started collecting the chicks from their mothers at about 4 weeks of age and putting them in a coop. I have 12 so far. There are another 6 in the brooder that were abandoned by their mom too eager to get the next ones going. I will build up my locals to about 15 hens and four roosters.

    The local poultry has a lot of good qualities. One of the reasons I bought so many mutt birds here is to mix them with locals and see if I can breed some hardy production birds.
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    I'm happy to hear you're taking Dorking eggs with you. I can't wait to know how they do there.

    Ps - if you're missing beef over there, you should look into Muscovy duck. They taste nothing like duck and a lot like beef. 98% leaner and the breast can be prepared just like steak. They are excellent mommas and excellent broodies!
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    Just read all 58 pages! What interesting stories and adventures!
    Subscribed after reading the first couple pages - can't wait for more photos and updates.
  7. ozexpat

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    i just bought a pair of muscovy ducks over there. i look forward ro trying the offspring.

    I am also hauling an incubator worth of Pekins Rouens and possibly Campbells over for that "real duck taste"
  8. ozexpat

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    I have some in the bator right now - another test hatch went in yesterday. These are well traveled buff Orps and I have local Brahmas going in Sunday.

    I am starting to build a bator that will fit in a balikbayan box - 18 x 18 x 24. I should get 3 x 42 egg turners in it. I will whip up a separate hatch-a-bator should we get into staggered hatches.
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    I am lurking on this thread, just fascinated...And also, I am a fellow crazy medical person, Certified nurse midwife/Labor&Delivery nurse...soon-to-be chicken owner!
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    Love the pics of your merkan chicks, but I am partial LOL.

    Bureaucracy has delayed our trip to Mexico- permits galore. Who knew that returning somebody to their homeland was do complicated *sigh* I'm leaving Saturday/ returning next Saturday.
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