Getting through winter?


8 Years
Mar 21, 2011
We live in MN, so I am planning ahead for this winter. Our coop should be almost fully insulated by winter. It is also inside of our garage. My questions is what to do on the days when the temp is in the extreme negatives? ( like -15 and lower) I only want to use a heat source when only necessary. What is the best and safest option? I plan on getting a heated dog dish for their water. I should add that we have 6 girls. One has vision problems. They are GSL and doms. Can they go out in the run ( with snow) if the temps are not too bad? Will they even want to? If you can't tell this is our first time ever with chickens. They will be about 8-9 months old by the time it starts getting cold.
I personally live in canada and i have had chickens and ducks in temps of -40 celcius without pens being insulated you really dont have to worry to much about them there resilant birds the cold doesnt seem to bother them at all. I know for me though i just bank there coops to the roof with snow its the best insulator one can buy. Also instead of a constant cleaning during the winter there manure slowly releases heat throught the winter as it decomposes so you can just keep adding sawdust or whatever you use for bedding.
Thanks, I am concerned about the days when the temp is so cold you can get frost bit within 5 min. But I guess being in an insulated coop would help this a lot?

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