Getting to a high pirch with clipped wings


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Feb 16, 2010
Leicester, UK
Now i would love to have chickens without clipped wings but because we are surrounded by houses we have no choice.

At the moment we have a pre built coop and the pirches are only 1-2 inches from the ground so the chickens have no issues getting on them.

I want to build a new coop and make it larger, plus i want to have the roosts higher so it is better for the chickens.

My questions is: With our chickens having clipped wings, will they be able to get upto a roost which is say 10-12 inches off the ground?

Thanks for the answers
You can provide ladders for them to walk up. Shouldn't be a problem though. Even my fuzzy chicks seem to be able to make it up that high.

Just search for pics of roosts in the coop section and you'll find pics of people's ladders.
I used a peice of hog panel with wood attached by wire to create a place for footing. Looked like a ladder, worked great.

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