Getting turkeys to sleep in a coop. Do certain breeds do better?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by cupman, May 19, 2012.

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    I have a nice chicken coop I built with my dad last summer. It's 10x12 with three good sized windows and roosts that are 4 and 6 feet off the ground(two rows). I currently have about 35 or 40 chickens that inhabit the coop and I am just getting a bazillion eggs every day. Way more than I can eat/sell/give away. I was planning for the future and was considering getting maybe 8 or 10 heritage breed turkeys after my chickens are gone and was hoping they could live in my coop. I know many turkeys like to live in trees and won't go in coops and I was wondering if there is anything you can do to train your turkeys to sleep in a coop or if there are certain breeds that are more open to living in a coop. Maybe midget whites?

    There is no run attached to my coop, all of my birds free range.
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    My birds free range all day too, and my turkeys roosted on a post for the summer. When winter came I decided I wanted them inside my coop. I had to round them up to get them in for a couple weeks, but they got used to it and started to go in by themselves. Now that It's warmer out one doesn't want to go in and I'm back to herding her in.
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    Just like chickens initially you might have to coax them or carry them back into the coop
    in the evening ... I usually use the special treat method :) ...but once you get them into the
    habit they should automatically go back to the coop at night.

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