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10 Years
Jun 9, 2009
We are homeschoolers and hatching eggs for the first time. I am however in close contact with 2 people who have done this tons of times (one of which the farm that provided the eggs).

Now we brought them home on May 22 and turned them 3 times a day until June 5. We sprayed them with water, kept water in the wells inside the incubator as well as kept the temp steady at 100.

According to my one source by now we should have started to see movement (chicks getting into position) as well as possible faint chirping which we haven't. Today is hatch day and I am worried sick that there is something wrong.

Please let me know what you think as I have 2 kids waiting to see their eggs hatch.

I am hatching chicks (sorry about that). The incubator needs the water.
Spraying the eggs with water is not good.....

It sounds like you have it way too wet. Have you candle at all?
Chicken eggs do not need to be sprayed with you have a hygrometer in the incubator (that tells the humidity)?
Sorry I brought them home on the 20th and stopped turning them on June 5.

I don't have a hygrometer in the incubator. I wasn't told I needed one but I was told that spraying the eggs would help soften the eggs for hatching.

Is it time to cry yet?
This is right off the Back Yard Chickens website "You will also need to mist the eggs during the cool down with warm water until you see the first pip. Many people keep a small spray bottle of water inside the incubator. This will keep the water the same temperature as the eggs, as well as help regulate the temperature of your incubator."

So I'm not sure how someone can say they don't need to be sprayed.
The purpose of spraying is to keep the menbrane moist and tender so it is easy for the chicks to get out. Most people start misting on the 18th day or so when they stop turning. Why did you stop turning after 14 days? Or did i misunderstand something.

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