Giant Metal Cages- Great for Brooder or Breeding Pen


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Aug 3, 2009
Southern California
$40 each OBO


These cages are WAY too big and too heavy to ship!
I am located in the Antelope Valley in Southern California, right outside of Edwards AFB.

I have 8 of these heavy duty metal cages available, so please PM me do not click buy it now.

Cages measure 4ft x 3ft 4in and 2.5ft high from floor of cage to top. Squares are 2x2 inches. They are very sturdy and could easily be used as brooders with a few modifications. I am making a floor for one and lining it with poultry netting to use as a brooder in my garage. Can easily be made even more secure by locking with a pad lock.

Front view closed~

Used at a temp coop/brooder~

Here is a front view with the flap side down~

Side view~

Top folds down for access~

A demo of just how large the cage is~ (YES! DS is HORRIFIED we made him sit in the cage!)

A demo of how strong the cage is~

Folded down flat (three on top of each other)~

These were used to store clothes only. They have been kept outside since I have had them.
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Jun 18, 2009
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Oh me too! All the good stuff is always so far away! Anyone on that chicken train thingy coming to ohio?
I would love 4 of them!!

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