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Hi all,
I hatched 8 Muscovy ducklings about a month ago. They all appeared fine up until about 2 weeks ago. One of the ducklings started limping. It almost appeared to have one leg shorter than the other. Soon after, another had the same thing.
These are the two smallest of the flock. While they can walk, they limp very drastically, both favoring the right leg. The left legs seemed to be slightly turned in and when they walk, while the others hold their tails up off the ground, these two seem to be dragging their tails. They otherwise, appear fine. They are vocal, love swimming, eat, drink and poop fine. It's just those legs.
Anyone have any idea how to fix it? I can get pics if need be.
They are on grower right now and I also give them a duck mash. While they both can walk, it takes them much longer to get to where they need to be than the others. In the pen they normally just sit in one spot, together.
The others accept them and seem to try and help them. They wait with them and take their time when the two fall behind. They are not getting bullied by the others.
Any ideas?
I have had this happen also it would seem that they are growing so fast that they are constantly having to learn to use their leggs like a big puppy when it is growing, mine turn out just fine, i am sure yours will also.
Ducks usually need to be supplemented with B vitamins, esp Thiamine and Niacin while they are growing. Unless you are using duck specific grower for them, the rest don't seem to supply the right amounts for ducklings. They also need electrolyte supplementation too.

Get a packet of vits and electrolytes from the feed store and mix to directions. Some of those packets mix in like 100 gallons of water, so watch what you are getting and how you are mixing it!

Even getting Pedialyte is good, it's a little sugary and may give them the squits. Get some B vitamin liquid (feedstore has injectable, you can use it in solution) or take B vitamin tabs you have and crush. DOn't worry about how much to use, they are water soluable and the ducklings bodies will use only what they need.

I've read a lot on the duck forum about lameness in ducklings being related to B vitamin and electrolyte deficits. Good luck to your babies!

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