gimpy leg?


6 Years
Apr 8, 2013
Hi! Can a chicken get a gimpy leg from sitting in the nesting box too long. like I am talking constantly in the nesting box, strays all day in there, and sleeps in there, maybe once or twice a day she goes down to get something to eat. This has been the last 2 weeks. She too is a silkie hen. I saw her limping today because I took her out.. I am kind of worried.... Is she injured.. Or just like humans tend to be when they sit in a certain position , they get sore?
There might be be a cure. And for the most part, there is not a cure. You can try to tie her legs evenly together for a little while to straighten them out, or sadly, kill her to end her misery. Did you see her limping before she started limping?
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She is not limping anymore, I think maybe she injured it, but now it healed from rest

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