Girls and boys have moved to the new coop

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May 4, 2011


Although we still have to put on the vinyl siding, put together the exterior nesting boxes and build the run the coop was ready to be occupied. the chicks were getting to big for the brooder and i did not want to wait until they started fighting before moving them. they spent all day in the coop. I have the path to the coop lit with solar lights to make it easier to get there at night to check on them. I have already been out there tonight to check on them. he temp has dropped enough that i found them huddled together in a corner. my husband suggested a brooder box in the coop which we quickly put together.

I am nervous about tonight. if i am this bad with chickens how will i handle my children leaving home.
Great looking coop. How long did it take you to build? If it is going to be a while before you get a chance to build the nesting boxes you could use an old set of drawers for now or even some old suitcases (if you have any old ones that is).

Keep us posted on how the hens are going
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Nice looking coop! Did you have roosts in the brooder? My birds aren't even 4 weeks old and are sleeping on roosts in the brooder already. Your birds look much bigger than mine, I bet they will be using that roost before you know it!

P.S. Might want to slap a little hardware cloth over those windows so you can open them up in hot weather without fear of predation!
They made it. All my babies were waiting for me this morning. they slept in the cardboard brooder were put in last night. the temp dropped to 11 which is low for this time of year. They probably would have used the roost if the temp was not so low. they have been roosting for a few weeks in the brooder.

The coop took about a week to build. It is about 80% recycled materials including the linoleum flr, framing wood, osb, windows nd soffit. it is 6x8. The windows and vents all have hardware cloth covering the inaide to keep out the unsavory element and to keep the chicks from roosting in the frame. there are four vents. Two on the feont that look like eyebrows over the winds. the back has a vent that runs along thw soffit. The top of the human door is screened and the osb swings open.

Right now the pop door and nest box frame have been blocked off to keep the chicks safe while we finish the run and nest boxes.
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