Give me the low down on types of feed and waterers.

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    Jul 9, 2008
    OK, so I have never had chickens but I have friends with chickens.


    They have room to forage in their enclosure but do they need cracked corn or can I give them whole corn?
    What kind of scratch for adults? i was thinking of feeding them the same started and layer that I do my ducks since its made for chickens any how.


    So can I give them a bucket full or does it have to be something low to the ground? I have some plastic trays about two to three inches tall and about 9 inches wide. Can i Use these?
  2. The problem with a bucket of water is that it WILL get turned over.

    If you have a large base, 3 to 5 inch high container it will do the trick.

    However, you will get fouled water because they scratch into it.

    I have the 2 gallon galvinized steel waterers that feed water to the "lip" at the bottom.

    I use the PLASIC chicken feeders. I like to be able to adjust the amount of feed that can get to the lip of these.

    I change the water every day as this way there is always fresh water for the girls.

    My total investment may be 30 bucks or so but worth it.

    I use poultry grain and layer pellets. I give game bird feed in the winter and starter for the baby chicks running about.

    So I really have three feeders and a few waterers. I have a fairly large barn for the birds with wire mesh enclosures that I lock them up in at night.
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  3. Goat_Walker

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    Jul 9, 2008
    I was thinking of having one of those cheap stands that hold the metal bowls for the feed and I have some old paint trays for water as well as the plastic covers for catering trays that I have...everywhere.

    Changing the water everyday is no problem, the longest they would ever have to go is evry other day if i get home too late to change it.
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    Open containers of water and food are a waste problem with chickens. They will poop in anything they can get their butts over.

    For water I would find a cheap (free) 5 gallon bucket and drill some holes in it, put it into a cheap clean (new?) oil drain pan or similar...should water them for a few days between refills.

    Same with feed...find another 5 gallon bucket, drill some holes and put it in a larger flat pan.

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