Give up on chicken laying in nesting boxes?


May 31, 2019
My pullets started laying a few weeks ago and every day I get to go on an Easter Egg Hunt. Yesterday I had to fish my Salmon Faverolle out of a wall! (Between the studs of a pony wall). She wasn’t at all concerned either... more like, “don’t bother me now! I’ve just found my favourite new nesting box!” In the past I’ve found it easier to give in and just let them lay where they choose and build a box around that spot


Apr 3, 2019
Central New Jersey
could i ask what type of straw you have in your boxes? sometimes i wonder if the straw doesn't stick and prick them so they just out. might feel like ants biting them or something. i use an igloo type dog house for mine to lay in with hay and they love it. i just keep sure the hay is good and dry and doesn't get moldy so they might not have respiratory problems. just my thoughts.
I use wheat straw. Well, she's been laying in the nesting boxes the ladt 3 eggs at least so maybe she's growing to like them.
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