Given a Sick Chicken with very pale comb, poor body condition and lethargic - but is otherwise alert, eating, drinking and grooming. Thoughts?


Apr 20, 2022
Hey, we received this chicken. The background I have is she was setting on eggs, she suddenly stopped setting and became very lethargic, with a pale comb. She has been like this for 10 days. She was dewormed but I do not think that worms were the issue.

Her body condition is poor and she is thin. She eats and drinks though and has been separated from the flock now but previously had not been and no one else showed symptoms

Is this something like cancer? She can walk fine and does normal chicken stuff, her poop is pretty normal I'd say. Thoughts? What can I do for her? I have been giving unlimited access to feed as well as treats like watermelon, salad, egg and cheese


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I would stop giving her all treats and only feed her chicken feed and egg. Make sure she has access to fresh clean water and chicken feed all the time. How old is she? Check her crop early in the morning before she eats or drinks anything and see if her crop is empty or full. Is her abdomen bloated at all?

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