given baby quail, no idea what kind?


9 Years
May 18, 2010
Semora NC - on the VA line
I was given 4 baby quail today, friend just said they were told "quail" and basic info, but never told what kind...

SO now I have 4 lil quail that are roughly the size of my 2 day old d'uccle chicks (so same size as day old bantams) fully feathered wings, some feathering on the shoulders into chest area and on their backs...they have more of a elongated beak than chicks do more pointy-ish LOL

So how old do you think they are if they are that size/feathered out? I am really hoping they are some Japanese quail and not a wild North American type (ex. bob)

color wise they are brown, red, and feathering in the brownish red, with tan and black specked on the chest/shoulder areas. so figuring some form of wild pattern.

any help would be awesome! I know basic care on quail, more looking for possible ID, and pictures of other young quail.

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