Giving newly hatched chcik to broody duck??


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9 Years
Nov 29, 2010
Can i give newly hatched ducklings to a broody duck that's been sitting for awhile at all?? If so what s the best way to go about it?
Thanks for any help:D
Most people find its most successful if done when its dark, just slipping them under carefully without causing to much stress to the mother. It is important to monitor them to make sure the mother does accept them though as otherwise the ducklings may chill if she is not keeping them warm- or worse they can at time attack them.

Hope all goes well should you try it.
Thanks I'll give it a try to tonight. Should i cover the ducks head to calm it down or just in the pitch black with not light?
I havent ever had to cover the head- you mainly just have to be careful that she wont stress and stand on the duckling as you put it under her. Ususally just being in the dark is enough, as although she may be scared by the movement she should be more worried about staying on the nest and protecting the eggs.

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