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    Oct 9, 2014
    Nothern Utah
    I live in Taylorsville and am surprised how many people in Utah actually do keep chickens.
    I say this due to the *regulations* I ran into ...
    Yikes, two pages of things you can or can not do, and then have to pay for the privilege to do so.
    I did ask what I would get back in City services for the fee I paid them.
    The Lady behind the counter had no idea !!
    To things like this in life, I usually just say: *Oh well* ...

    After months of reading up on chickens, I finally started the beginning of this year with 4 hens.
    Two White Leghorns and two Rhode Island Reds.
    We lost one Red, due to nasty dogs coming into the yard, yanking one side of the chicken-wire'd fence, off the coop, and then chasing the hens all over the yard.
    Except for one Red, we found panting next to the coop, we did not find any other birds and thought we lost them all.
    The person who started me on chickens said: *If you find no blood, they may be somewhere hiding*.
    The one Red we found, died a few hours later, but the other three came back one each day later.
    They now are grown and reward us with one egg a day. More than enough for the two of us, but a tremendous joy for our grand-children when they come by on a weekly basis.

    After they began laying, that same friend who started me on chickens took a calculator and said:
    *Now tell me what you have spent so far on getting one egg a day from each chicken*.
    I told him the costs of what I spent so far, and then, after poking several times on his calculator, he said:
    *Uhmmm ..., you will get your first free egg in about 5 years, when they are done laying* !
    Such a friend huh ???

    What I have as a coop is here

    So, still reading a lot, and learning.
    That coop has been modified almost umpteen times !!

    LBNL, after I started with chickens, I found two more people on *my street*, who also keep chickens !
    I guess it is like buying another can brand, where yo never notice a certain brand of car, and then when you buy one, you see a gazillion more people with the same car !
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