Glad to live in America


8 Years
Jun 2, 2011
Hello all here on BYC

Just want to say I had a bit of a family reunion today at Ellis Island, to celebrate the 100th year anniversary since my grandparents came to this country from Sicily.

I can only imagine when after 3 weeks on the frieghter they took to get here, their ship rounded Liberty Island and they saw her standing proud, welcoming them.

I know times aren't perfect right now, and don't want to talk politics, world situations, or any thing else other than to say,

I love my country, and I love the land I live on, and I am proud to be an American tonight.

God bless you all, and yours, families, animals, and especially your chickens!

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Wonderful story and picture. Thanks so for sharing! My grandparents came over as well. I often wonder what the travel would have been like and the sacrifices made for them to arrive at Ellis Island. God Bless you too, MB
Given the opportunity, Ellis Island should be a 'must' visit for all Americans. An awesome site filled with the spirits of those who entered our country.
So funny you mention spirits of all who passed through. I walked around wondering about the millions of stories passing through there. Here is a photo from 1912, the year my grandparents came. Some of the people were moving... alsmost making them ghosts like... What a wonderful place our country is!

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