glass injury

Jul 22, 2021
My 1 1/2 month old buff orphington recently y cut herself with broken glass by running into my garage i cleaned her up and bandaged it and let her be and its been 2 days since and checked it today to see the surrounding skin is blueish and purpleish the would itself looks normal healing no puss not much swelling she also been normally eating, drinking, and socializing. im really worried because im very new to having backyard chickens im worried because i dont want her to lose her life or leg


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Really old thread but anyway, I would wash the wound with Hibicleanse or similar antibacterial soap(mild soap).
Apply Neosporin and depending on where the wound is, it may need to be wrapped or not....better to let the air get to it...wounds heal faster when not wrapped for long periods of time, especially if the wound wrap is too tight, may be squeezing on blood vessels, hindering circulation.
Most birds heal themselves pretty well, if the wound isn't life threatening.

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