Global warming and chickens


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Jan 4, 2008
vancouver island
I blame poor egg production on "Global Warming". Hey, everything gets blamed on that. say you have three feet of snow, and minus temps every day, unseasonably cold weather for your region.... hmmm....., ok lets change the name from Global Warming, and call it "Climate Change". This would probably a better name, to convince those still digging out their driveways, who may feel global warming is a farce. (Think "Population Bomb" from a few years back)

Now if we could get together and form a study on how climate change affects chicken egg laying, we could get a government grant, or form a non-taxable group, and collect donations. How about "Chickens Against Climate Change", or CACC, or Chicken Laying & Understanding Climate Change, or "CLUCC".

The study would mean we could buy chickens, feed, bedding, coop and run materials, medicines, vet services, etc., all on donations, or grant money, tax free.
Of course we would have to pay ourselves a salary as well, because we would devote ourselves full time to fundraising and the study, and haven't time to work regular jobs.

I think we should jump on the bandwagon now, before the next "crisis" comes along, such as "Save The Stars" or some such thing...

PS- No offence intended to those members who are seriously involved in environmental groups. I'm just a bit frustrated on the endless dinner time phone calls, looking for donations. That and bylaws being passed, that prevent me from cutting a tree on my own property, or heating my home with a wood stove, etc., due to pressure from some groups.


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Mar 30, 2008
Hi bills,

I shall come clean straight away and let you know I am a scientist working in the area of carbon/climate etc etc. I'm not offended in the least my your comments - although I remain surprised that this view is still held by so many...but time will tell.

Just thought I'd let you know I would be incredibly frustrated if I wasn't allowed to cut down my own trees and heat my home via wood burning stoves. In my opinion using sustainable wood sources for fuel is far preferable to burning coal, oil or gas (obviously renewable energy sources would be better still). If you burn wood then using your own trees is one of the best options (assuming you replant) as it also means there are no transport costs (in money and CO2) associated with your fuel. Very strange that you are being prevented from doing so if the reason is 'climate change'. (Note 'clean air' is a different issue - which means in some areas (I'm UK based) you can't burn certain solid fuels because of other pollutants that are produced during combustion).


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Aug 2, 2007
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Wow, you Brits are so polite! I am sure there will be some flames here, but I am not one of them (even though I am also an env science type and many of my colleague's make a living on polar/climate change research grants, I think we are all entitled to options and rants!).

I just really want a CACC T-shirt!!



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Jan 18, 2008
Newman Lake, WA
I'm with you bills, I want to start seeing some global warming in my neck of the woods too.

We don't need donations for the cause ya know. We could get a grant from the Federal Government to do this "study"

Or, we could get some money from those senators who do major contributions to the "Pork Barrel".


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There is some sort of climate change, but what I thought was funny, was my really old prof laughed when someone brought the topic up in class, and he said that when he was a kid, people were afraid of "global cooling". Never asked how old he was... old enough to still walk and have hair on his head.


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Mar 17, 2008
I think this is great! I would like to get in on the government grants please.

In the very short time that we have actually been keeping track of temperatures and such there has been lots of "climate change". Hello, can anyone say "Dust Bowl" of the 1930's? In the early 1970's scientists were sure that we were entering into another ice age and were actually considering dumping ash from airplanes over the ice fields in the arctic in hopes that it would darken the ice and draw more heat and melt them faster. Every day science is more wrong than right.

I'm all for respecting the planet and doing what we can, but Mother Nature has more power than all the world population put together. No matter what, she wins!

Watch out, I think the sky is falling!


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Jan 26, 2007
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Blaming any of this on just one thing is ludicrous in my opinion. Climate change has occurred throughout the history of this planet.

Yes we have pollution problems which factor into this. I am not arguing that at all.

But if you look at most problems in this world right now the simple fact is we are overpopulated, and if estimates for growth are correct we will not have the resources available to support the population or keep up with the waste we produce.

Studies for the most part are too narrow of focus, choose to ignore relevant data and are a waste of time and money IMHO. Just don't tell my peers I said that!


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Jan 4, 2008
vancouver island
Good responses!

Well, I'm prepared for whatever happens. I have my long johns, toque, heavy winter boots, well insulated gloves, etc.. As well I have a pair of swim shorts, (wife said forget the speedo, dang it!) sandals, and lots of sunscreen. I am also equipped with a good collection of umbrellas, chest waders, and I have a boat, if it gets really bad.

Now my hens don't have a lot of options, unless they evolve very, very rapidly.

I am currently looking into how to apply for a grant. Kstaven' comment about population increase and sustainability, is a good point. As chicken owners, we produce food, which is going to be higher in demand. All the more reason we should deserve a grant.

I think part of the grant money should go into the study of;

Are chickens growing webbed feet?

What foods may help waterproof a hen?

Are feathers a natural UV protection?

Can chickens grow a heavy down, like a northern goose?

Will a chicken adapt to wearing sunglasses?

Can chickens eventually lay insulated eggs?

Please remember to keep accurate daily logs, as eventually someone may ask to what good purpose did the grant money go to. Yes the chances are slim, as they currently blow millions of tax dollars on grants, that seem to have no viable purpose, or ever come to the publics attention. But as chicken owners, we should hold our heads high, and insure the money is not wasted.

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