GLW and EE


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
So I have a GLW and an EE and they both are 24 weeks around today. But there hasn't been any signs of them being ready to lay an egg. Is this normal?
EE's can take longer to lay, up to 28-30 weeks. I am not familiar with Wyandottes, is it a hatchery wyandotte? I have two Wyandottes now who are 22 weeks
no eggs from either and they look pretty young still. I also have a 26 week old EE who hasn't laid yet, doesn't really look close yet either
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The GLW came from Wilco. So I assume some hatchery somewhere. She's about the same size of my BO who has been laying eggs for quite awhile now.
Has she gotten redder lately? Any signs of squatting? My Brahma laid her first egg 6 days after squatting, but she doesn't sing the egg song.
I have three wyandottes that are 19 weeks old and are hatchery stock. Their wattles are getting pretty big, their faces are getting pretty red, their combs are getting bigger but no squatting or egg song yet. I think I probably have a couple of more weeks before I see an egg. What kind of physical indications are you seeing in yours?
It's been a few years, but I am pretty sure my earliest GLW layer was 22 weeks and the oldest was 27 weeks. I had one EE pullet this spring that started laying about 23 weeks and I have another that hasn't laid at 26 weeks, yet.

Hope that helps.
Besides the fact that she is getting a redder and larger comb and face and she is getting plumber, thats the only signs she has really shown. I think I heard her singing the egg song yesterday but by the time I had ran around to the other side of the house whoever it was had stopped. But it didn't sound like the BO. So it had to of been the GLW or EE. I'd post pictures but my camera is currently MIA.

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