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Jul 10, 2014
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Hi there! I have 5 pullets and 1 accidental GLW cockerel that are all about 4 1/2 months old... My cockerel fluffs his feathers around me but when I go near him runs away as fast as possible. I've never seen him go after a female and he hasn't crowed yet.... I also thought he was a she for a very long time but am %100 sure he's a roo by wing/feather patterns comb and waddle etc...
My question is, because he seems so non hormonal and not at all aggressive... (Which I'm happy for) But now I'm wondering if and when he will start trying to breed? My chickens are not laying yet.... But I've read that hormone levels are so high in roosters at this age and he is just mellow.... just curious if these tendencies are about to fly out the window and his man side is about to flap out or I just lucked out with a super mellow rooster or if it's his breed? Sorry for my lack of knowledge... I am new to chickens. Any thoughts?
Also my entire flock seems so laid back, none are noticeably aggressive... Do chickens ever take well to newbies? Everyone says they can be brutal to new chickens, but they rarely if at all fight amongst themselves.... Very little to none chest bumping etc... Thanks in advance!!!!
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He's a bit young yet, individual chicken mature at different rates....just wait it out, patience and observation will teach you more than speculation. It's hard to know until you know and knowing is often only validated once the behaviors are directly observed.

Not sure how much time you have to observe them but chicken sex is fast and you'll miss it if you blink. Tho often young inexperienced cockerels and pullets make quite the fuss while they are figuring it out....that can be hard to miss. I'll bet you'll tart seeing some of these behaviors soon.

Good that they are all getting along. Things might get more exciting once the hormones truly start flowing, which should be soon. Newly laying pullets can get flighty and goofy......and the roo may turn into an idiot...or not.

Them all getting along might not mean adding birds to their flock will be appreciated.
Thank you for your response. He just crowed for his first time this morning at 8am!!

I'm home often and can do watch and listen to then quite a bit. I hear a loud squawk once in a while but nothing that I would think is mating... At least from what I've heard.
I'll just keep watching. Thank you again
The pullets will squawk when he tries to mount them, grabbing them by the back of the neck, and they're not ready to submit yet.
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