GMO soy and GMO corn

very little credible research has been done with gmos, the answer is maybe. an older study was done with gmos and mice. a huge number of them ended with tumors, cancers, and other other things.

we don't have any hard evidence that gmo's are safe. in fact we don't have much hard evidence in gmo's at all. but the term gmo can even refer to much older methods which we all know are safe. so its a clouded subject....

they also said fluoride is safe ... yet its a by product of oil refinery and a neural toxin. we started seeing this being sold after standard oil was broke up. btw they have shown in studies that fluoride ingestion while pregnant lowers average iq of offspring.

my point is... if you wouldn't buy gmo for yourself. don't feed it to your chickens. there is no evidence that it will or will not affect the eggs. because of lack of research

if you sell your eggs you also can not advertise organic or non-gmo if you feed gmo to your chickens. if you do its false advertisement.
and shown to be dangerous ... "credible "research is hard to find on the subject hense... if you want to be away from gmo's don't feed it to your chickens

on just about any subject we can find plenty of biased research done that paints different stories of the same thing both being accredited.
very little credible research is out there
theres one study how many can we find that say the opposite? the debate is not over. but continuing this one is. as my point still stands.

if you think gmos are safe use them.
if you don't think there safe don't use them.
wonderful that we can all disagree.
Come now, if you want to have a discussion, you need to at least click on the link to see what it contains. If you had, you would see that it's discussing ALL the studies that have been done, and maybe then we'd have something new to discuss :)

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