Go Away Predators! How?


12 Years
Dec 13, 2007
How can I make predators be scared of getting near my chickens?I have an open coop.Fenced in but open top.So How could I protect my chickens.Thanks for any replies!

Best thing is to cover your coop. With an open coop anything, especially hawks and owls, can grab your birds. You can find cheap netting, or just chicken wire will work. I have chicken wire on mine.

if u ask me, a roof is a necessity :| they keep them dry and preditors out so i would at least use chicken wire....
I also would roof. Weather and predation protection.

Electric fence wires work well at keeping predators from climbing and entering.
A secure coop even if they free range or have an open top run is necessary to protect from predators. Otherwise you'll be very lucky indeed if you don't get wiped out.

Along with a secure coop to lock them up in at night, some things to help keep predators out are:

Eliminate all outdoor sources of food that attract predators this includes all cat or dog food, chicken feed, bird or deer feeders, and garbage.

Use a scent deterrent. A product called Critter Ridder has worked for me. Human and dog urine has been known to repel coyotes and foxes to some degree.

Electric fences are great.

A livestock guardian dog could help.

Hope this info was helpful. Good luck with your birds.

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