go without heat


9 Years
Dec 30, 2014
With the fast growth of a coturnix quail, how soon can they go without heat? mine are 2 + weeks old lots of feathers and they can fly high enough to get out of my brooder (a 100 gal stock tank). I have a pen in the garage to keep them out of the weather but a heat lamp wont really work.

This is my first coturnix hatch. My chickens and the bob's I have done it seemed to take longer to get to this point.

The reason i ask is i have another hatch on the way (they are hatching right now :) and i need the brooder. Usually I am better prepared not so much this time. :O

i just went through the the same scenario with my first hatch. I called the egg supplier and he said they were fine once the nights were above 10 Celsius. I did put them out in their pen and they were fine. This was about the same age.
Brood for four weeks under heatt. They cant generate or maintain thier own body heat so if you take the light youre trading faster feathering for healthier growth. Brooding is an acclimation process you start the first week at 95-97* F and you work your way down to 80* over 4 weeks. If you pull the light sooner you are affecting their physiology.

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