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11 Years
Apr 24, 2008
Detroit Michigan
Which kind of goats do people on here have? Which ones do you like the most? I'm just curious.

I wish to get some goats some day but not anytime soon.

Some up the street from me has goats and they are so freakin' adorable!

I'd love to see some pictures of your goats if you have any
You sound like me I want goats so bad also
My husband just looks at me when I talk about it
But then he gave me the same look when I talked about the chickens
Got them!!!!lol
our main discussion is fencing them in. so maybe next spring
good luck
Right now I have Nigerian Dwarfs and Alpines. I"m looking to add a Nubian to my little herd also.

All goat breeds are wonderful in their own ways. You just need to see if you can find people near you with different breeds so you can actually go interact with them. Then, you need to decide what you like the for you.

Some breeds have long floppy ears like Nubians, some have more pointed up ears like Alpines, some don't have ears like LaManchas. Some have beards, some have horns ... continue to do your research and decide what you like and then find the breeds that have or don't have what you are looking for.

Do you want a large goat breed or a small goat breed (Nigerian Dwarf, Pygmys, Fainting)? Do you want to milk or just have pets? Do you want to pack with them or have them pull a cart? Do you want to use their fiber?

I have all girls right now as I'm milking. If I just wanted pets I'd get wethers and probably small breeds. I like goats with different colors so I went with breeds that aren't solid white. I don't like horns on my goats so I only bought goats that had been dehorned. I like goats with ears so I didn't buy a really nice LaMancha milk goat I looked at - nothing wrong with her... I just think they look funny. I have friends who love that look.
I keep Nubians. They are great for dairy purposes. My neighbor breeds the Nubians to a Boer...that way he still gets the milk but then he has a meat type goat to eat as well. All depends on what you want.
Here's pictures of my Alpine milkers...



Here's one of my NDs (Nigerian Dwarfs)... we were teaching them to drive so they can go get their own food...

I have Nubians, Alpines, & Nigerian Dwarfs. The Dwarfs are a little snooty& they are stinkers, the Alpines are just cool & sweet, & the Nubians are just happy go lucky & very loud!

They are all sweet. Here are some pics of them.


Shadow - Nubian doe


Willow Nigerian Dwarf doe


Shadow & Penny Nubain does


Kalista - Alpine doe


Roscoe - Nigerian Dwarf buck


Spirit Nubian buck & Charlie Alpine buck


Charlie Alpine buck

Just a few of my many pictures of the goats & I have more goats as well!
Chirpy, your little guys in the car are SOOO CUTE!!!! I love the tricoloring I didn't know they had coloring like that.

SO adorable!!

for now I'm just going to look at your goats and dream but some day...

I think I really like the Nigerian Dwarfs, what is their personality like?

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