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8 Years
Apr 22, 2014
Long Island, NY
Hi. I have 2 female non-breeding does. About a year old. I have had them for about 2 months. I have a couple questions that I would love advice on.

Their home is an unheated 8' x 7' (10' high) vented shed that I bought specifically for them in Sears. I usually lock them in at night when it gets dark. They seem to have no problem with this, as they are usually in the shed by the time I go out there to "put them to sleep"

Hay - I been feeding them second cut hay. They have no interest in 1st cut at all. This past weekend I bought a 100lb bale of alfalfa. They still have the second cut. Free choice for all hay.
Grain - I have been giving them Southern States pellets, 1/2 cup per goat almost every day. This weekend I bought a bag of sweet feed. I have been mixing both the last couple of days.
Treats - I use the MannaPro licorice goats treats, which they love. I give them Timothy Hay, but my local feed store doesn't have bales. I buy that in Petco. I give them small animal sun salad (http://www.petfooddirect.com/product/55780/Sun-Seed-Sun-Salad-Dwarf-Hamster?extcid=PLA&gclid=CKzTvcyJ9b0CFYMcOgodWAkADA) which they love. I also give them dry uncooked oatmeal. (my pig loves this!) They also have a salt lick accessible at all times.

I have been using the second cut as bedding. They can sleep on it and eat it. They do not like to lay on the shavings, I just put down a small layer of that underneath the second cut bedding. I am not sure if my local feed store has straw. Should I bee looking for straw elsewhere or is it okay to stay with the second cut? The cost doesn't matter to me.

I give them fresh water at least twice a day. They seem to like to lick the drips from hose better. Sometimes there are little pieces of hay floating in the water, is it true that some goats need their water to be spotless or they won't drink it?

The girls I got were only herd animals. 1 was bottle fed, but the other was not. They have gotten much much better since I brought them home. I did take them out on for a walk in Petco this weekend and they did pretty good. Just wondering if the rumor that a non-bottle fed goat will never warm up to people the way a bottle fed goat will, is true.

I am using a dog harness currently. Is a neck collar better? They certainly aren't ready for me to put a halter or gentle lead on them.

New Goat
I am about to add a new goat to the family. This will be another non-breeding female who is about 8 months now. Is there any special I need to introduce them? Also, this new goat is a bottle fed house trained goat who is all about people. Will the behavior of the new infulence the existing ones? I know that works for dogs, not sure about goats.

I realize this is a VERY long post. I am looking for comments/corrections on what I am currently doing with my girls. I appreciate the feedback. I live on Long Island in NY, in case anyone is wondering. Thank you!
Hello and welcome to BYC!

I used to keep goats. And it sounds like they already have you trained well!
My goats never ate what I wanted them to eat, and yes, preferred to eat their bedding instead of a good cut of hay. They would poop and pee on the stuff they had no interest in. LOL

I am not sure about adding a new goat that is not part of the family. So you will want to follow the links that Kelsie has provided to ask about this. I bottle fed many of my baby goats, the others were fed by their momma's.

Good luck with your goats! They are definitely very fun to keep and can provide you with hours of entertainment. Welcome to our flock!
If you have a house raised goat that is housebroken, why don't you just keep her that way? I think she would be happiest doing what she's familiar with. It make take her a long time to adjust to regular goat life, and in fact might not realize she is a goat. I don't think the other goats will be influenced by her or vice versa - I'm guessing she will be a space alien to them.

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