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    Jan 23, 2017
    A bit bizarre coming to a poultry website for goats...but we are planning on getting 2 goats this spring, and doing my research, everybody seems to say something different, certain things at different ages or gender, alfalfa for females if your not feeding grains, chaffhaye, grass hay, no grass hay. I'm becoming a bit confused. We are looking for an easy, affordable way to feed goats on a small homestead and possible to breed. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!!
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    How big an area, and how many goats?

    What is growing on the area you have? Pasture, lawn, trees, brush, swamp, etc.
  3. Fishersfarms

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    Jan 23, 2017
    About 850 square feet. It's just pasture, no bushes or trees.
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    Many people can get away with feeding just hay if they are not breeding. The issue with that is that goats can be a bit picky. They tend to like the rougher hay types - things my horses won't always eat. They are not as crazy about grass hay and can waste a lot of hay in general.

    If you are breeding goats, they may need some grain supplementation. I usually tell people to make sure it is a goat only feed and something without molasses. For males and wethers, I would stay away from grains and feed a Timothy or other type of non-legume hay. Some will add alfalfa but I still worry that will cause urinary stones. Others have not had that experience.
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    Jan 23, 2017
    (Me Trying to get this straight) so...alfalfa hay for daily feed? But when breeding add in some grain supplements, but only for females? No Timothy hay especially for males? Do you give them any minerals? A salt lick or anything? Thanks! Sorry if I'm still getting this mixed up
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    Mar 19, 2009
    Your best bet is to get some books. You can go to the agricultural extension office in your area and ask for the publications on goats they have for 4H. I haven't read the Storeys (sp) guides for goats, but based on the Storey books I have read on other classes of livestock, it should be helpful. Caprinesupply.com has a selection of books. Send for their catalog. There is a lot of good information in it.

    What you feed your goats depends on what you are using them for and their age. A pet wether should not be getting the same feed as a milking doe. And it also depends on what is available in your area. For instance, when I lived in California we fed alfalfa because that is what we had available and the goats did well on it. Where I live now, alfalfa is hard to find, so if I had goats, they would be getting grass hay.

    Hay for goats must be of excellent quality. It should be leafy, fine stemmed, and free of dust and mold. You need a good feeder so they don't pull in out on the ground and tromp on it. Goats will not eat soiled feed.

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