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    May 31, 2008
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    OK, looks like my long dreaded divorce is approaching. I will need to be moving with my nigerian goaties in 2 months. I know I will have coyotes where I will be. LGD is out of the question. So is electric fence. What can I do to prevent the coyotes from getting my goaties? The area will be small, maybe a total of 200 feet of wire. How high do I need to go to keep them out? What about barbed wire on top? I'm on a tight budget and don't have much to spend but their safety is my #1 priority.
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    I would recommend you get two rolls of the 48 inch 100ft wire from like TSC and get like a small roll of barbed wire to go around the top of it in case anything tried to climb the fence they would most likely suffer injury and not get over
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    We have the 48" with barbed wire above too.
    Our only problem is that ours are not dehorned and one of the girls can get her head through and gets stuck, so be sure to get a tighter web fencing
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    On a tight budget I think I would stay with welded wire 2 x 4 and the barbed wire. The real expense though is the posts. Wood post are very high in price and hard to install. T posts work well, but you still will need wood in the corners. And you will need to get 6 foot t-posts. If you place them about every 8 feet it seems to work very well.


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