Goat Folks- Pooch Test Pics! Guesses on pregnancy???


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May 26, 2009
4 days ago we got 2 pygmy goats and we were told one if not both are pregnant. Im about 99% sure one of them isnt (a good thing, she's not super healthy, but thats another long story), but the other one... Im not sure.

I am new to pregnant goats, so any opinions would be much appreciated!

Heres some info on her (Sophie) - She's a pygmy goat, between 4 and 6 years old. Supposedly she had triplets last year sometime, but I dont know how long ago it really was. Guy we bought the goats from was kinda sketchy, maybe a animal flipper (another long story) so I dont have a whole lot of info on her.

She was kept with an intact male pygmy far at least 2 months, probably longer, before we got her, she was with him when we picked her up, so Im pretty sure who the dad of possible babies is. (good news, he was a tad smaller than her, so any kids shouldnt be too big for her).

Ive been searching the 'net for ways to detect pregnancy (without going to the vet for ultrasound, or buying the blood test kit) and found the 'pooch test' method. Now, since this is new to me, AND Im not sure how far along she may be, Im hoping some BYC'ers with some goat knowlege can help me out.

Here I am not holding her tail up and she was kinda pushing it down right as I took the pic- usually she holds it straight up


Here I am holding her tail up so you can see what the area looks like when she holds her tail all the way up herself


Here is her tummy from the top, I am standing behind her


I dont see any obvious udder growth, it just feels kinda swollen and slightly puffy, not flat to her tummy, teats are soft.

Soooooo, any thoughts?

I posted these pics on BackYardHerds, but its not as busy a forum and got only 2 responses.... Hoping for more input here!
I've never used the "pooch test," but judging from the size of the rumen on the left compared to the right side where the uterus is located, she looks pregnant to me.

ETA: Looks like it's time for me to go to bed... I'm getting my lefts and rights mixed up.
I can't tell.
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Thanks for the reply!

Im kinda in a 'I hope youre right, but then again, I hope youre wrong' frame of mind right now. Hope she is preg since babies are soooo cute and fun, hope she isnt since its alot of work, could get unwanted bucks, things could go wrong, and I think she shoulda been healthier before being bred.

Her health is the biggest thing for me, but at least I am doing all I can now, and she wont be bred again (unless I go nuts or something, but she would have to be minimum a year out from her last kidding and be SUPER healthy).

Any more opinions?

Any advice on getting her healthier during and after the (possible) pregnancy?
my money is on preggers based on the top view. you generally won't see the girl parts puffing up until the last week or so, (mine range from 2 weeks to 12 hours prior to kidding).
Judging by her vulva she isn't ready to kid within the next several days... but I definitely think she is pregnant!
Please post pics if (or more likely WHEN) she kids!!!
judging by her condition she looks possibly pregnant.....best thing is to look at her fresh at first light in the morning before she fills that belly. I would get her a goat protein tub, minerals, a good feed regime going slowly and all the fresh hay/forage available free choice. There is a "goat" nutridrench that you can give her daily for while to help her. You must check her for worms.....either get a fecal sample and take to the vet or check her membranes (inside the mouth the gum lines and tissues) if it is pale pale pink or white you must treat her for worms immediately or she is going to keep going downhill if she is pregnant. The udder may not bulk up until right before she kids that happens a lot. The pooch method is new to me.....usually they don't "pooch" out until nearing kidding time when the ligaments start to loosen. Another thing you should be prepared for her not to have enough milk and possibly having to bottle feed her kid/kids. She may also need her cd/t shot if she hasn't had it. Her hooves need to be checked too to see if they need trimmed.
I think it is great you got her but if you are like me on limited budget/income you can still do a lot for her healthwise without a vet. Google and check online....there are tons of resources that have really helped me and just read and research on caprine care. Yahoo groups has a lot of goat care information and online chats for healthcare that would answer a lot for you. I wish you the best with her and goats are amazing creatures!!!! We are down to 2 a momma I have had for 5 years and her doeling from last year.....boers.....but they are like dogs lol and sometimes I think they think we are their "herd". Babies can be a wonderful experience but also heartbreaking too if you are unprepared and don't know what to do. Hoegger supply has a great catalog with a wealth of care information ..... I get their catalog just for the info each year!!!!
I've seen it mentioned on here several times, and folks asking if we can tell preggers or not ...
I think there's some misinformation floating around about what happens when. the vulva puffs up just before kidding, so it can be useful to tell ready to kid - usually but not always within a few days - but it's not a way to detect early pregnancy. that's what I think folks are expecting when they say "pooch test" - it just doesn't work that way.

OP: good information here. also, if worming, make sure it's a wormer that's ok for pregnant does, in case she is. for checking for worms, we use the inside of the eyelid.
Yes check the eyelinds as well .....sorry forgot to mention that ....... they will be pale as well as the gums and may be more of guage for you. I learned from trial and error and reading LOTS of info about pregnancy.....as time goes on and if you get real hands on with feeling the belly you will learn the "masses" inside of what you are feeling and will be able to tell on your own when your doe is pregnant. You can always watch for her to cycle again although this isnt always foolproof....google "flagging" and it will give you signs to watch for when your doe may be cycling or aka in a "heat" cycle.
Things that help me:

Take pictures of their udder, side shot, and a shot from above on a regular basis. Maybe every month until about month 4, then pictures every 1-2 weeks. You'll be able to see a more noticeable change in them through pictures than by looking at them. Sometimes change sneak up on you.

Also, I can notice more change in an udder than by any other method. At the beginning, the udder will be high and tight. By the end of the 4th month, it will start to enlarge and soften. When they are due to kid, the udder will have a tight, shiny look to it. When you notice that happen, kids soon!

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