Goat leg Problem.. Help Please.

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  1. So I ahve a Billy Goat named "Parker"...

    I noticed this afternoon that Parker has something on his two front legs. It starts at the hoofs and goes up about 2 inches. The skin is missing hair and looks Crusted. What can it be? What can I do to treat it? Thoughts, advice!

    Here is what I have done...

    Shot of Baytril, Just in Case
    Washed all 4 legs
    Washed all 4 legs with Hydrogen Peroxide
    Washed all 4 legs with Alcohol
    Rubbed Neosporin on all 4 legs..

    Please help, I dont want Parker to die... I love him and he throws out some REALLY nice babies.

    I will post pictures tomorrow when the sun comes up, hopefully around lunch time.
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  2. ChickenWisperer

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    Jun 30, 2008
    I don't know, but I'd call your vet for advice.
  3. jettgirl24

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    I have horses not goats, but out of curiosity does it look anything like this?


    If it's been muddy he may have mud fever/scratches - horses, cows, sheep, and goats are all susceptible to this especially in winter. I would second the recommendation to contact your vet but you might do a little research on scratches or mud fever as well. Most of the info you find will likely be about horses but it still applicable for goats.
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    I cant say for sure without seeing pics, but it sounds like what my goats had sometimes, so I would say he has a fungal infection. Do you have him with any other animals, or is the ground wet? If it doesnt look like he injured himself, you can use athletes foot cream or spray on them. If it is spreading quickly, or is deep or does look like an injury, you should get the vet out there, but if you think it could be a fungal infection, try the athletes foot creme first, and if it doesnt get better, get the vet. but if it is a fungal infection, he will just give you a more expensive version of the athletes foot creme. If his legs are super hairy, you can shave them and around the patches, and them put the creme on so it gets good contact, but dont forget to sanitize the clippers, you dont want to spread it to anyone else. It can take a few weeks to a month or more to clear up depending on how severe it is, too.
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    What breed is he? Is he in rut (you said billy goat so I assume he's not a wether)?

    I'm thinking maybe he urinated on himself and it's causing the hair to burn off.

    How is his temperature? Is he "off" in any way? Have you checked him for lice/mites? Has he gotten into any extra feed or anything (I'm also thinking laminitis)?
  6. SOrry, internet was down, I will post pictures tonight when I get home from office...
  7. Duck Keeper

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    Yeah, I was thinking it's him peeing all over himself too.
    But it might not be, with the season changing..?

    Anyway, I'm going to put forth my two cents.
    I think it's him peeing on his legs. It might have gotten infected and the hair has come off, or it just might have gotten crusty and itchy and he rubbed it clean somehow. If it's only on his front legs (and face) it's probably pee. Check his head and neck for crusty junk, and watch him for a little while to see if he pees on himself.
    If you can, get a doe nearby (but definitely not in the pen unless you plan on breeding her) and let him smell her. Usually that'll initiate peeing and yelling. You can see if he's all gross because of his own doing.
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  8. Sorry again for not posting pictures.. I get home and the sun is down... Ive been swampped at work, but today I SHOULD be getting out early and that will give me the time to take pictures...

    THanks for being so understanding.

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