Goat Mastitis?

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    Okay, so I weaned the babies off their momma cold turkey. Two weeks later she's still got a full udder and she seems to be rather irritable. Other than that she's been fine, eating drinking pooping-everything's okay. So this morning I could hear her calling for me and she sounded like she was in pain. I looked and one teat was absolutely huge and the other was down to about normal size. So I'm thinking that the very, very full udder is the source of the pain and I milked her a little and told my daughter to see if there were any lumps or bumps in the other teat. Globs of cottage cheese started coming out of the smaller teat and by the time we were done there was just a small drop or two of blood. No vet open, so I rubbed both teats down with tea tree oil and gave her a shot of antibiotic. Is there anything else I can do? She seems MUCH more comfortable now but I'm terrified of losing my favorite goat.
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    have you every milked her before? i dont have any ideas (i am no means a expert) but she might still needs to be milked, a female (if i remember right) can be milked up to 9 months.
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    Yes, we milked her (and all the other goats) right up until they were about six weeks from delivering their new babies. Babies were born in March and between the babies and our milking she was milked pretty dry. We sold both the little bucks she had and then we had a series of emergencies here so I decided to let her dry out. Her next babies are due in February. But she didn't just dry up like the other three goaties and then this cottage cheese like stuff that we got out of her last night has me very worried though she shows no other symptoms of illness whatsoever. She's my favorite goat and throws stunningly beautiful babies so I don't want to lose her or have her lose her babies so I need to know whether to continue the course of antibiotic, keep milking her dry, or what? I used tea tree oil on her teats last night too. Can't hurt, might help.
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    Keep up the antibiotics for a few days. If it's cottage cheese, you should use Penicillin or Amoxicillin.

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