Goat or Alpaca?

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    Apr 19, 2010
    Hi all,

    I work on a school camp and we have a massive chook pen but only have 9 chooks (after loosing about 4 dozen to foxes). We are currently looking at getting about 15 new chooks because we hate having to buy eggs, but we are wary of doing this because of the fox problem that always seems to occur over the summer. We have a new major electronic fence in place and since the installment of that, we haven't lost any chickens, but this is our first summer and that is when majority of the carnage happens.

    We were told in passing that putting either an alpaca or a goat in the pen would help protect the chickens because both of these animals act defensive against foxes. Would either of these animals be suitable to live with chickens? Space is no issue, but I don't want to lose any more of our chickens especially because nobody is around on the camp from mid december till mid january. Any solution is a good solution!!
    I also thought that the school kids would LOVE to play with the new chickens and either a baby alpaca or goat!

    I have also posted this in the "Pests or Predators" Forum.

    Thanks so much!
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    Good News: Alpacas are known to ward off foxes. Bad News: You may need a guard dog to protect the alpaca from coyotes. Llamas are larger and very sure footed. They can kill a coyote. A goat would also be similar to an Alpaca. Both are herd animals and really need the companionship of a second one.

    Our chicken house is within a 3/4 acre goat pen which has 4 ft no-climb horse fence with a top barb wire strand. These Alpine/Nubian goats have their horns and are full size. We have dog pens next to the goat pen and the dogs go crazy when a coyote is on the land.... Just one thing. If you put your coup within a goat pen then be sure to make everything sturdy. Our goats are curious of everything and like to walk up fencing.
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    Just don't get a fainting goat............................................ [​IMG]
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    Alpaca I would say. A brazen fox might not be detered by a goat.
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    Also if you want the kids to be able to interact with the furry critters, note that alpacas are quite shy. They don't really like to be petted, especially by strangers. On the other hand, you could shear their fiber and sell it each spring.

    Goats are friendlier in my experience, although they might not contribute monetarily to the camp. Unless you plan to milk them or eat them [​IMG]
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    I think that goats have a much better personality than an alpacas... (i've had both)
    My goats were like little dogs..
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    I would go with 2 goats also.
    But be careful the goats don't eat the chicken feed.

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