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    I have a question about a goat, a little background first, I posted about her about a year ago she had accidently fell off the stairs to the top part of our barn and on top of a T Post that we had failed to remove. Here is the link to that post. https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=294470

    she did well with it and we were given the option to bring her back for drains and stitches removed (would be two different dates) or do it at home. Since the vet we used was around 45 minutes one way and we thought she was heavily pregnant we didn't want to stress her anymore than we had to. We removed them at home. We noticed about 6 months later a lump had formed, looked at it and thought it was a hernia. It disapeared about a week after we noticed it, and we never thought much about it. Now just today I was trimming hooves which we were a bit overdue for and I noticed that their was a small lump but this time I can see two blue stitches!They were cut but apparently we didnt get all of it pulled out. I was scared to try and pull them out because the flesh are obviously grown up around them, I cleaned around it with iodine and left her be until I can get some advice here. I would like to avoid a vet if possible, but am prepared to get one if that is whats needed. Any advice is appreciated [​IMG]

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    If you can see them, they would be just under the skin, if it were me, I would cleanse, lance slightly and pull them out, then make sure to keep the area clean until it heals. There may always be a lump there as scar tissue may have formed.

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